New Technician License for North Carolina Plumbing, Heating, and Fuel Piping.

“This Technician license is not a contractor license, and is limited to supervision of work within the technician’s qualification(s).” It is intended to provide relief to contractors who have multiple jobs over a large area.

So why should I be care about this new license as I want my contractor’s license?

“At any time after passing the technician license, the technician license may be upgraded to a contractor license by applying and passing the business and law examination.

This is huge for a couple of reasons. The bus/law exam is 50 questions in 60 minutes. The questions are not hard but the time limit makes this a tough exam. Most of my students report back that this test is frustrating. Why not take the technician exam and then go back later and take the business exam?

For people who are having problems getting their Plumbing or Mechanical License.

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