Will the real ACCA Manual J Please stand up!

When preparing for the North Carolina Heating Contractor Exams, make sure you purchase the correct MJ-8 Exam book. The correct ACCA  Manual J-8 is Manual J Residential Load Calculation 8th Edition – Full, Version 2.1. This is the Manual you will be handed when you take your Heating Exam. Do not buy the abridged version.
North Carolina Board of Examiners – Book Reference List
Their reference list just lists Manual J-8 as the needed reference (on their website). If you call, Manual J8, Version 2.10- Full Version will be their answer. Why not cut the chase and just list the correct version on their Book Reference List? For the old timers like me who has the MJ-8 Version 1 book, toss it in the trash and buy the correct one!
Where can I buy the Version 2.10 book?
You can always buy this book from www.acca.org and then go to the ACCA Store. You might try Amazon.com or you can just Google ACCA Manual J-8 and investigate what pops up.
The ACCA Manual J-8, Version 2.10 is a better version. This Manual is matched to ACCA’s Manual N, Edition 5. Learn the new Manual J-8 and you will be half-way home on understanding Manual N.

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