Information regarding the North Carolina Contractor Exam

Here are some links that will help you sign up for the General Building Contractor Exam.

To down load the Candidate Information Bulletin
1. Has a list of reference books needed for exam

2.  A list of PSI Examination sites

To download Laws and Regulations Applicable to General Contracting in the State of North Carolina –

1.       Application to sign up for the General Contractor Exam

2.       Also covers Statutes, Homeowners Recovery Fund, NC Administrative Code and Contractor Regulations.

3.       Usually a few exam questions come out of this publication

The last link needed is PSI’s website –

Download the forms and let’s get started!

NCCTI can help. This is a difficult exam because of the amount of reference material. 90 questions with a time limit of 180 minutes, that is same that NCCTI is offering. Sign up now and gain the NCCTI advantage!

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