Warning, some memorizination required!

“Change Four” and the National Electric Code


I constantly preach the importance of look up speeds as a core skill for student success. After all, it’s an open book exam.

Some memorization definitely helps and “Change Four” is one of them.

Larger than 6 AWG

For Conductor Identification


What is the next larger conductor larger than 6 AWG?


No. 4 AWG.

Notice that the rules change. This rule also applies to the “grounded conductor”.

NEC and the “Change 4” rule

There are two more “Change 4” NEC code references. Can you name them?


Memorizing “Change 4” just might lead to 3 or more correct exam answers!

Life is good!

Special Restricted Plumbing, Heating Electrical Contractor License

How to get your SP-PH Electrical License

The State of North Carolina State Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors has made it accessible for all Heating and Plumbing Contractors to maintain, install, and repair electrical wiring incident to their trade. This means for change-outs, you can legally wire up your appliances. Depending on which jurisdiction you happen to be working in (some AHJs allow electrical wiring by Plumbing and Heating Contractors), with a SP-PH Electrical License, a licensed electrician will not have to be involved. Most Contractors generally go ahead and rewire the appliance anyway. As a former building Inspector, I use to allow Plumbing and Heating Contractors to wire up their units (unless they did it wrong). Most jurisdictions are starting to crack down on this practice and rightfully so. It’s for your protection as well as the consumer. What if a fire is started by your wiring? Do you think your liability insurance will cover you?

The SP-PH exam

Forty questions in 3 hours, plenty of time allotted to finish the exam. Very generous but you will flunk if you do not prepare. NEC code is different from the code books you are familiar with. The first thing that is needed is to learn the NEC’s vocabulary. On page 5 and 6 in the Board’s Candidate Handbook, the topics that are covered on the exam are spelled out. It will take some effort to study this material. Electrical Contracting is dangerous, safe wiring does not happen by accident.

Exam Layout

Bonding and Grounding – 4 questions
Overcurrent Protection – 5 questions
Wiring Methods and Terminations – 8 questions
Boxes and Fittings – 2 questions
Motors and Control Wiring – 5 questions
Load Calculations – 2 questions
Appliances, Equipment, and Lighting –  4 questions
Laws, Rules, Basic Business Practices, and Practical Applications – 7 questions

Total questions – 40

Four hours of Continuing Education is required every year for SP-PH Contractors

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To start the process, just click www.ncbeec.org and order your free Candidate Handbook.



Why you need a SP-PH Electrical License

When you change out a Heat Pump or hot water heater do you call a licensed Electrical Contractor to make the electrical connections? It depends on the Authority Having Jurisdiction and if you pulled a permit. Why do you buy liability insurance? The million dollar question is, “If I wire up an appliance and mess up, will my liability insurance cover me?” Maybe a good question for your insurance agent. The Electrical Board wants you to be legit. Just go to their web-site ( www.ncbeec.org) and order a free exam package. As you will see, it is a 40 question exam with 3 hours to complete. Very generous, but it will take some work to pass. NCCTI is ready to help!