General Contractor Area Calculations Made Simple

Area calculations made simple

One of the problem areas for many contractors is the blueprint takeoffs.

Let’s face it; most of the exam questions on the blueprint portion are tricky. By  mastering some basic math and committing some  area and volume formulas to memory is a prerequisite for exam success.

Area of triangle = 1/2 [base(span) x height(rise)]

Simple solution

Simple Solution

Calculating the area of a gable is easy once you know the formula.

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Two Free Exam Reference Downloads for General Contractors

For Commercial General Contractors

You can download an Excavation PDF from North Carolina One Call. Usually there is a question on color codes relating to excavation near underground utilities. Please note, this excavation pdf is not allowed in the examination room.

For Residential General Contractors

You can download a free guide for “The Guide to Good Practice for Handling, Installing and Bracing of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses” summary sheet. You just might see a question on how to properly store wood truss products on the construction site.

Then click truss handling and bracing on the left hand side.

There is nothing better than some free downloads for contractor reference materials!

How to succeed in filling out the General Contractor Application

First, Download the Application for License to Practice General Contracting in the State of North Carolina

Then read the application all the way to page 23. On page 23, you will see “Most Common Reasons Applications are returned”. The Board returns a lot of applications. The application must be turned in “due form”. If you cannot fill out an application properly, how are you going to run a business? Unless you are a lawyer, accountant, or banker, you will need some help.

Let’s go through the Application and identify some problem areas.

Pages A-1, A-6, and A-8 – all pages must have the same name, same spelling and capitalization.

The board does not tolerate white out!

Page A-6 – get some professional help to fill out this page, a competent banker or accountant will keep you out of trouble.
Anytime you see “other”, put in a 0 because you have to verify.

Page A-7 – No. 17. Attach a photocopy of North Carolina Articles of Incorporation. Make sure you send a copy because if you send your original, your original will not be returned.
No. 19.  – Must be drawn up by a lawyer
No.21. – Use a supply company, building inspector, or past client for your reference. Must be on a letterhead and notarized. Do not use relatives! Make sure they tell how wonderful you are.

Page A-8 – Once you notarize, everything is considered true. No paper clips allowed!

Information regarding the North Carolina Contractor Exam

Here are some links that will help you sign up for the General Building Contractor Exam.

To down load the Candidate Information Bulletin
1. Has a list of reference books needed for exam

2.  A list of PSI Examination sites

To download Laws and Regulations Applicable to General Contracting in the State of North Carolina –

1.       Application to sign up for the General Contractor Exam

2.       Also covers Statutes, Homeowners Recovery Fund, NC Administrative Code and Contractor Regulations.

3.       Usually a few exam questions come out of this publication

The last link needed is PSI’s website –

Download the forms and let’s get started!

NCCTI can help. This is a difficult exam because of the amount of reference material. 90 questions with a time limit of 180 minutes, that is same that NCCTI is offering. Sign up now and gain the NCCTI advantage!